JAC: Fall Stay At Home Retreat 2018

rich conversation and deep friendships

Join us for our JAC fall retreat where we’ll be exploring the courage of an artist. This will happen through different experiences of art and story, prompting rich conversation and deepening friendships. It’s our prayer that you will experience courage coming alive in your heart as we gather together.

The atmosphere will be relaxed and warm as we are welcomed into the beautiful home of one of our JAC community members. They are located in Brentwood, just a 5 minute drive from Journey. We’ll sleep in our own beds and come together for the days activities.




We are asking for registration and payment to be made by October 24. This will allow us the time to get the food ready for us to enjoy.

If you are finding out about the retreat and it’s past this due date, please still contact us if you would like to join us and we will see what can be arranged.

Other Information:

We’ll send more details on the program and what to bring closer to the date. While we will officially end our Friday and Saturday evening sessions at 9.30pm, we’ll have the coffee flowing (and weather permitting the fire going) for those that want to stay and chat.

To make the most of this time we encourage you to commit to the whole weekend, however, if circumstances only allow you to join us for part of the weekend we welcome you! You can let us know your circumstances as you register.


October 26th - 28th, 2018
Brentwood, TN