Journey Men’s Village

Connect with other men beyond work, weather and sports.
We’ll read and discuss Wes Yoder’s book “Bond of Brothers” together and start a new conversation for our lives.

We are offering both a morning and evening group – please sign up for whichever one most accomidates your schedule.

This group is for:
– Guys who want to build some genuine new friendships with other men at Journey Church.
– Brothers who have been hurt by life, who are stuck and can’t figure out what to do next.
– Fathers who want to leave an authentic spiritual and human legacy to their children.
– Men whose souls run deep but who seldom fine the words or the way to say what they really think, feel and believe to those they care about most.
– Those who have been crushed or betrayed by those you trusted most.

We’ll have Coffee, Water and Snacks available. Attend the first session and if it’s not a good fit, no further commitment expected.

Link to book

Books will be available at the group for $10 each

Duration: 9 sessions
Location: Journey Church Campus
Facilitator*: Alan Pace


February 3rd, 2020
Morning VillageEvening Village