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Tim Skipper

Tim lives in middle Tennessee with his wife Stephanie and has been a member of Journey for over a decade now. Originally from Columbus, OH, he came to Nashville as a full-time touring musician playing in bands like House of Heroes and Copperlily. He has since settled into life at a slower pace, working in radio production at a studio in Franklin, TN. Tim is a big proponent of counseling, therapy, and recovery, and he desires to participate in bringing about genuine life transformation. 



Welcome to the conclusion of our special, three-week series, in which host Kevin Dixon invites pastors, friends and professionals to help him explore the subject of addiction. This week, Jake Smith of the Plumline Christian counseling organization describes our spiritual systems—mind, strength and heart. He and Kevin discuss what happens when these systems aren’t fully developed and integrated, as well as the coping strategies that emerge to compensate for those weaknesses. Then, our final episode features Journey Elder and worship leader Tim Skipper sharing his own journey to recover and repair relationships damaged by an addiction.

Journey’s HOOKED series is a direct response to the written, weekly prayers of our community. As we have read and prayed over your words, it has become clear to us that addiction affects more lives than any of us could possibly imagine. Whether that’s substance abuse or a “process” addiction like pornography or gambling, we hope this series will help us our understanding and our healing.

If substance abuse or addiction is a problem, you are not alone. Please ask for help. You can call the National Substance Abuse and Addiction Hotline 24 hours a day at (844) 289-0879. You can always contact Journey’s pastors, too, at journey@journeytn.com or by phone, by text at (615) 861-9503 or phone Journey at (615) 490-3603. Next week: Suzie Lind and Sam Barnhart join Kevin to examine addiction’s spiritual and pastoral questions.

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