Journey Kids

On Sunday mornings, utilizing the Dwell curriculum, our children experience the wonder and joy of the gospel through exploring their faith through story.

jKids Preschool

Our youngest exploring their faith through story using the Dwell curriculum.

First time guests

Children are assigned to rooms by their age. These gatherings have been carefully designed so that children feel both safe and seen. First-time guests will be welcomed at the class door by our teachers who are a constant and loving presence in the child’s room. Your child will be gently introduced into play, feast and stories during their time with us at Journey Church. Together, we worship and wonder at God’s love.

Sweet Peas

Ages 0-2
This room is filled with caring hearts that love to love on your babies. We sing, read, rock and play with them.

Mustard Seeds

Ages 2-3
Here, we cultivate love for one another and a wonder of the Good Shepherd’s love for his sheep. We also break bread and commune with one another.


Ages 4-1st grade
With globes and maps that work into each lesson children are able to connect the stories to real places and times as they awaken to God’s great pursuit of them.

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