Journey believes that grace comes without us earning it, but that our faith is active. Following Jesus and living cross-shaped lives means finding ways to love, welcome and serve our neighbors in Nashville and throughout the world. 

We partner with organizations that best express the culture and values of Journey. We invite you to join us as we live out of faith—through volunteering and giving.

You can give to any of these organizations directly or through Journey by noting the name of the organization on your contribution via our website, Venmo, or by mail to Journey Church, 1600 Wilson Pike, Brentwood, TN 37027. Donations through Journey are tax deductible; please consult with your tax professional for advice.


One generation Away

One Generation Away distributes healthy foods throughout Middle Tennessee to families who are experiencing food insecurity due to economic and physical barriers. 

Why we partner: One Generation Away welcomes everyone to the table, providing access to the basic necessity of food. One Gen Away embodies the hospitality of caring for our neighbors in a practical way. One Gen Away has a new home-delivery program: The Doorstep Pantry. This program allows anyone in the service area to request a delivery of grocery items straight to their doorstep at absolutely no cost — just sign up at

What we do: Journey currently donates $500 each month in support of One Generation Away’s operations. 

Your invitation: You can give to One Generation Away directly or through Journey. Each Saturday, the organization also gives away up to 30,000 pounds of food. Volunteers are needed to organize and pass out food. No registration is required to volunteer. Full details are available at

Room in the inn

Room In The Inn helps those who call the streets of Nashville home with programs for shelter, recovery, self-help, work and human development.

Why we partner: Room in the Inn shares Journey’s value of hospitality, welcoming those experiencing homelessness with shelter, care and training resources. The organization also offers long term support through relationship, recognizing the dignity of our neighbors in need.

What we do: Journey currently donates $500 each month towards Room In The Inn’s programs. In the cold months, Journey volunteers are part of the Winter Shelter program. 

Your invitation: Give to Room In The Inn directly or through Journey. Join us also in offering the hospitality of Winter Shelter programs. Full details are hereRoom In the Inn also hosts a songwriters’ and musicians’ café for its clients on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Volunteers are needed to perform and to serve refreshments. Contact Mark Campbell to learn more:

tennessee alliance
for kids

The Tennessee Alliance for Kids (TAK) engages the community to help it meet the needs of children in foster care, those at risk of coming into foster care and those who are aging out of the foster care system.

Why we partner: Orphan care is at the heart of God. Thousands of children are in foster care in Tennessee and these children need our support.

What we do: Journey has donated $6,000 in support of Tennessee Alliance for Kids in the current year. This gift is helping to provide a new safe room for kids awaiting placement into foster care along with immediate needs for families taking in new placements. We also host events to assemble “TAK Packs,” backpacks filled with comfort items and necessities for children who are very often removed from their homes with no belongings of their own

Your invitation: Consider becoming a foster parent or giving financially to Tennessee Alliance for Kids directly or through Journey. Other ways to help include hosting a TAK Pack event. These group efforts can bring meaning to parent or neighborhood gatherings, bridal or baby showers, birthdays or other social events. You can contact Fran Maynard at Tennessee Alliance for Kids by email and check the organization’s website, for more details of their work and opportunities to get involved.

The next door

The Next Door serves women struggling with addiction by providing affordable, faith-based substance abuse treatment, individualized care from expert staff, and lifelong recovery support. Since 2004, The Next Door has transformed thousands of lives through affordable housing and addiction treatment services.

Why we partner: Journey believes in honoring and elevating women. The Next Door plays an important role in restoring the health and lives of women while providing dignity and support to women in crisis.

What we do: Journey currently gives $500 each month to support The Next Door.

Your invitation: Addiction is a treatable disease, and women don’t have to be defined by their past decisions. You are invited to partner in this work through a variety of volunteer roles, making a financial gift, donating items from our wish list, or praying for the women to make the brave choice to step into recovery. For more information on how you can be a part of this organization go to A list of volunteer opportunities is also here:

the refuge center

The Refuge Center for Counseling offers affordable, professional counseling services in order to empower, educate and support individuals, couples and families in need.

Why we partner: Emotional and mental wellness is essential to loving God with all of your heart, soul, mind and strength. 

What we do: Journey currently provides $500 of support per month. We are hosting an event for the community in the Fall (Live Intentionally, focusing on teen and child mental health). The Refuge Center has also historically served the Journey community by offering low-cost counseling to those in need.

Your invitation: Do the work of caring for yourself and those you love. Take advantage of counseling when you need it. Participate in Journey’s Refuge Center events, which are publicized in our gatherings and newsletter.


IC 13

Taking its name from the famous 1 Corinthians 13 passage on love, IC13 brings clean water, sanitation, housing, food, clothing, medical care, education and micro enterprise to those in need by sending groups of medical professionals and other short-term volunteers on mission trips throughout Europe, Africa, North America, Africa and Central America. The organization was founded and is run by Ty Hasty, a member of the Journey community and a former Elder.

Why We Partner: Because God so loved the world, so should we. Serving in other cultures helps us see beyond our own perspective and shapes our faith by allowing us to see God at work in the world. 

What We Do: Journey helps to support both IC13 and its missionary in Africa, Jen Radler (see separate listing below). In 2022, our combined donations amounted to $7,000.  We also send teams of volunteers on short-term missions.

Your Invitation: Give to IC13 directly or through Journey and consider traveling with them to Honduras, Kenya, Uganda or other areas of need. Contact or go to for more information.



Jen is part of our Journey community, currently in Kenya where she serves vulnerable children and medically fragile people. Through her work with IC13, Jen helps identify people in need of life-saving medical care and coordinates their care using resources available through IC13. Jen also works with Weza Care Solutions, an organization that supports local child welfare practitioners as they offer care and intervention resources to vulnerable children, orphans, children living on the street and broken families. 

Why we partner: Jen serves her neighbors without judgment and without agenda. She simply works to find ways to provide help for those in need. Her work of loving her neighbor embodies the ways in which we believe we are called to be the hands and feet of Jesus.

What we do: Journey helps to support Jen. We also encourage her efforts through personal contact and prayer. We see her as a powerful model of a woman committed to being the hands and feet of Jesus in the world.

Your Invitation: As an American living in Kenya, Jen loves to hear from people from home. Praying for her, sending her notes and texts of encouragement and financial support are all ways to join with Jen in her work of caring for the vulnerable in her community. You can contact Jen directly by email.

Check out Jen’s latest newsletter below…

Sept 2022


SEEKING Biblical unity

the public

The Public provides education, interaction, advocacy and action so that Middle Tennessee communities experience racial healing, equity and justice. The Public is a grassroots organization that provides a safe and hospitable environment for all people to listen, learn and discern what our role in racial unity is, locally and globally, when it comes to practicing the ministry of reconciliation. It’s a safe place where all are welcome to ask questions without fear of judgment or shame.

Why we partner: At Journey, we are committed to a Biblical vision of community-building that includes reconciliation, confession, and shared lament. Because of that, we celebrate the progress we’ve made as a nation but recognize we have so much farther to go. 

What we do: We attend monthly events at the Mockingbird Theater and Bar to learn and build relationships with people in our community sharing God’s heart for justice. We serve and participate at local events like Porch Talks and the Annual Juneteenth Festival. Journey’s Biblical Unity study group is also closely connected to The Public. In 2022, Journey has $5,000 allocated in support of The Public’s programs.

Your invitation: Join us on the second Tuesday of every month. Visit @thepublicfranklin on Instagram or Facebook for the most up-to-date information.

other initiatives

Mission 615 Christmas gift drive

Journey partners with Mission 615 at Christmastime to provide gifts for Nashville’s unhoused and underprivileged kids

Your invitation: As the Christmas season approaches, watch for announcements in our gatherings and our newsletter about how you can be a part of providing gifts to some of Nashville’s children who are in need.

Humphreys street coffee

Journey supports Humphreys Street, a social enterprise of Harvest Hands CDC by buying and serving Humphreys Street coffee at all our gatherings. When a local teen applies for and receives a job at Humphreys Street, they are trained in a highly skilled craft and are given the opportunity to earn money in a neighborhood where few positive economic opportunities exist.

Humphreys Street employees also have the opportunity to tour colleges, learn about trade school options, and spend time with mentors who share about their education, career, and other life experiences. Additionally, students are provided with financial literacy training, access to resources to open checking and savings accounts, and opportunities to earn academic scholarships upon graduation.

For more information:

Humphreys Street

Harvest Hands CDC