BONUS: Three Pastors Walk Into A Bar…

Recently, the Journey community gathered for its first-ever Theology Lounge event, also affectionately known as “Hell In A Bar.” Thanks to a donated space by Mill Creek Brewery, more than 100 of us came together to hear Teaching Pastor Mike Erre explain the main theories about Hell: What does the Bible actually have to say? How important is the subject of Hell in the Bible, and why does it describe it in such different terms than the red-devils-with-pitchforks-and-fire image of popular culture?

After Mike’s review, all–ahem–heck broke loose in a free-flowing, hour-plus Q&A session.

Before leaving for this week’s staff retreat, Suzie Lind, Kevin Dixon, and Rob Gonzalez gathered around our JourneyNOW roundtable to reflect on what they learned in Journey’s inaugural Theology Lounge. They shared their own views and to answered more hellishly difficult listener questions.

– – –

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