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Journey NOW

Join staff and friends of Journey Church for this weekday podcast where we explore pressing questions about faith, history, truth, and what it means to be a Jesus follower. Every Monday through Friday, you’ll hear.

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On Sunday, Pastor Rob Gonzalez talked about fear and faith, challenging listeners to name their own fears. The responses we got were overwhelming. This week's roundtable panel—Mike Erre, Suzie Lind, Tim Timmons, Nate Erre and special guest Seth Erre—explores their own experiences and understanding of how healthy faith and fear overlap.

Plus: It's SummerTim; Seth lives his best rock 'n' roll life and Mike and Suzie compete at graduation.

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This week, hosts Kevin Dixon, Dave Verhaagen, and Sam Barnhart expore questions about questioning faith? Why does rethinking, questioning and being skeptical sometimes make us feel bad? Why are some people pre-disposed to deconstruct their understanding of God, while others remain comfortable? Is it just human to doubt, and how risky is it for our mental health?

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Do you have a hard question for Journey On My Mind to address on a future episode? Join the discussion by texting us at (615) 861-9503. If you would like to talk with someone, you can email our care pastor, Sam Barnhart,

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