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Don’t Be Afraid, Just Show Up.

As I’ve read through the Gospels, particularly the interactions between Jesus and His disciples, I’m struck with two basic commands, for lac …

With your questions, and your doubt – the table is for you.

In the Biblical story, God is always looking for cooperative participants to join him in his work in the world. God connects those who open …

Creating a Culture of Prayer

Back in 2001 shortly after 9/11 I was talking with a friend – her name was Riki she was old enough to be my mother and she had a deep faith. …



Journey NOW

Join staff and friends of Journey Church for this weekday podcast where we explore pressing questions about faith, history, truth, and what it means to be a Jesus follower. Every Monday through Friday, you’ll hear.

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In this special Thanksgiving edition of JourneyNOW, Chase Ezell talks with host Suzie Lind about discovering Journey during the pandemic and now hosting monthly dinner gatherings of The Table. What he’s learned in the gospel according to Chase: Don’t be afraid and just show up. Every month, Journey people gather around tables to share a meal together. Though it can feel intimidating to show up at someone’s house for dinner, we think it’s the best way for strangers to become friends. Join us on December 5th by visiting to register.

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The Holy Spirit has been the least discussed—and most misunderstood—of God’s three persons. Not just a secret power or a Funky Phantom, the promise of the Holy Spirit is more about presence with us than anything He does.

As we explore this topic in a new series, the Journey NOW roundtable crew asks what it means to have the presence of the Holy Spirit in our daily lives. How does it look to have strength in our weakness?

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Dependence As Our Teacher
November 21, 2021


September 5, 2021


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