Series: Advent

The Arrival/Preparation

When it was time for Joseph to play his most significant role in the story, he was prepared. What if God wasn’t ignoring you, but was preparing you?

The Arrival/Expectation

There is always an absence of peace when someone is taking something that we are not willingly giving up. In what way did Jesus come to establish his dominion over the earth? As a baby. While human governments were taking, God came, giving.

Villages At Journey

The vision statement at Journey begins by saying, “We will dwell in soul environments…” This message gives a glimpse of what that looks like in every aspect of village life, from crisis to celebration.  Deciding to be part of a church community can be a difficult move, but our desire is to eliminate many of… Read more »

The Arrival/Anticipation

Referencing the oppressive power of Rome, Luke set’s up the story of Jesus arrival on earth by displaying for us the contrast of taxation and generosity, taking and giving, and power and humility.


Advent was meant to create some stirrings in us. Waiting. Anticipation. Expectation. Preparation. Longing. All for the moment that God comes to the earth as a man. Now, what do we get to look forward to? Renewal.

Longing, Simeon

Simeon, guided by the Spirit, has been longing for Messiah. Holding on to hope. His confession of faith transitions him from hope to joy and peace.

Preparation, Joseph

Joseph could have never been fully prepared for what it must have been like trying to protect the life of his fugitive step son, the Savior, but he knew how to listen to God. And when the moment came he acted. Are we prepared for the coming of the Son?

Expectation, Mary

It seems that God is only received by needy people. God redeems only those who realize that they cannot make it without him. Mary models for us what it means to have a submissive, humble, and reflective heart.

Anticipation, Magi

We must search. In the searching is the anticipation. The anticipation is a significant part of the experience of joy. Wise men still seek him.