Series: Core Expressions

Core Expressions Questions

Pastors Jamie George and Kevin Dixon – Pastor Jamie and Pastor Kevin field questions about from our season in our Core Expressions.

Reflecting The Love Story

Pastor Jamie George – When we allow ourselves to be used by God as a conduit of love His divine nature shines through our creative expression.

Refined In Community

Pastor Jamie George – When we bring our gifts together and harmonize something powerful happens in heavenly places. A story is retold and a song of love is offered to the one who is ready to listen.

Rooted In The Word

Pastor Jamie George – Space and time are held together in Christ. All of Creation flowed through him and is held together by Him. He is the way of love. It is in Christ that we know the unknowable, it is in Christ that we align with the will of God.

We Trust God In You

Pastor Jamie George – A good teacher is one who draws out what is already in you. We believe that God is actively presenting Himself to you and that you have only to awaken to His guidance. Rather than resolve the tension through a simple formulaic response, our desire is to guide you into discovery of… Read more »

Core Expressions

Pastor Jamie George – Book List  Sinners in the Hands of a Loving God by Brian Zahnd  How (not) to speak of God by Peter Rollins The Divine Dance The Trinity and Your Transformation by Richard Rohr Original Blessing by Matthew Fox Desiring God’s Will by David G. Benner Integral Christianity The Spirit’s Call To… Read more »