Series: I Can Relate to Myself

Questions and Observations

Pastors Jamie George and Kevin Dixon – Pastor Jamie and Pastor Kevin take questions from our church family discussing the role of social sciences in the bible, how behaviors relate to grace, and how others shape our perception of God.


Pastor Jamie George and Tyler George – Pastor Jamie is co-teaching with Tyler George and they discuss the question, “How do I know if I am hearing the voice of God?”


Pastor Jamie George – Consider something new. Explore. Ask questions. Get curious. The ACT of curiosity is to be immersed in the Kingdom. The POSTURE of humility is to be in Kingdom flow state. More than WHAT we actually discover, the PROCESS OF EXPLORATION is in itself, obedience and righteousness.

To My Resources

Pastor Jamie George – Most of our jealousy comes from our awareness of our own unmet potential. What do you truly treasure? The book of Proverbs is teaching us that our words carry little meaning. It is our actions tell the story.

Giving and Receiving Feedback

Pastor Kevin Dixon – How we give and receive feedback is mirrored in our relationship with Jesus. Two basic questions: -Did I get permission to give feedback? Did I give permission for feedback?

Fear or Love

Stephanie and Tim Skipper – Worship leaders Tim & Stephanie Skipper share a part of their story and how they tackle fear, love, and radical honesty.