Series: Knowing Jesus

Getting Through The Crowd

Often times the freedom we long for the most is waiting for us on the other side of a massive crowd.  The thought of getting through the crowd can be overwhelming so we don’t try.  The sick woman made her way through the crowd.  The paralytics friends made their way through the crowd.  And they… Read more »


No one is beyond the reach of God.  He hunts down the hunters. He brings freedom for the oppressed.  After trying to kill of Jesus’ way, he surrenders to it.


How do you respond when in the presence of Jesus?  Thomas missed out on something in his skepticism.  He was hesitant to believe.  Yet, Jesus was not harsh with Thomas, instead we see a dogged pursuit for his redemption.

Mary Magdalene

The devoted follower of Jesus Mary Magdalene is left alone at the empty tomb of Jesus.  She is busy trying to rearrange death while life is standing behind her.

The Widow & Her Offering

Jesus is paying attention.  He knows our motives.  He is concerned not so much with what we give but what we keep.  Do we live generously?

The Samaritan Leper

Jesus offers us a better way of life.  If we follow his guidance we will live a more fulfilling morally superior life.  But God’s desire is much more than that.  He desires that we do more than live better and try harder.  His desire is that we awaken to a relationship with Him, and realize… Read more »


Jesus has a meal with a short gangster.  The man recognizes his abuse of power, repents, offers restitution, and becomes a follower of Jesus.  This story is a display of the power of humility.

James, John & Bartimaeus

A question is superimposed over two stories, “What do you want me to do for you?”  We are exposed to a very interesting contrast of motives and understanding.


When Jesus called Matthew to follow him, he went to Matthew’s house to celebrate with Mathew’s friends, other tax collectors.  Jesus welcomes these people, takes time with them, and loves them.  Who are we not loving that we could be?  Who is not in our village that could be?  Neighbors?  Co-workers?

The Desperate Woman

A woman with a bleeding disorder, out of options, possessing only despair reaches out for Jesus and is healed.  Her release from shame and suffering is discovered in her imperfect yet genuine faith.