Series: Let Us Run

Let Us Run, Gratitude

A gift must be received and the giver must be trusted. Gratitude is an attitude that begins with recognition, is followed by acknowledgement, and produces gladness.

Let Us Run, Worship Liturgy

Leslie Jordan offers perspective on the way The Journey Church expresses worship. Liturgy is not the end goal, just a means to the celebration and lament that accompanies praise.

Let Us Run, Koinonia

Loneliness is a powerful reality.  We seem to naturally drift toward it unless we intentionally battle against it.  What might the most authentic form of fellowship (koinonia) look like and how can it help lift us from an impairing loneliness?

Let Us Run, Sabbath Rest

Resting is not optional. We are meant to cease producing. We are called to slow, pause, consider, and remember that the work of our hands is a gift from God and ultimately for the good of His kingdom. Without sabbath rhythm in our lives we will quickly become disoriented and distracted.

Let Us Run, Faith

The story of Gideon and God’s surprising elimination of resources offers us a template for faith. As we relinquish control, the path comes into view. Not necessarily the destination. But God gives us a place to step.

Let Us Run, The Bible Adventure

The bible is full of treasure. Like all great treasure it must be sought, explored, discovered, celebrated, and used for it to have any value. Pastor Jamie offers six tools to help us uncover the priceless gift of scripture.

Good Enterprise

We are called to spur one another on toward our calling. What would it look like to serve others to what God has called them to do.

Let Us Run, Prayer Begins With Listening

We often find it difficult to pray because we are too frustrated with God and, from our perspective, his failure to run the world the way we would. Other obstacles are finding time, staying focused, or generating conversation. It is important to understand that God is always initiating with us. We are meant to begin… Read more »