Series: Love Well

We Are His Workmanship

What do you do effortlessly? What do you do that other people find difficult? What do you do that others marvel at? What do you do that has tremendous resistance but on the other side leaves you with tremendous satisfaction? Sin is to miss the mark.

Learning To Tell The Truth

How often have you responded to the question “How are you?” with the answer “Fine” and you’re really NOT fine?  Learn how to give a better and more truthful response that opens the door to richer relationships.

Love Well/Adopted By Grace

The story of
 an orphaned outcast who became a prince once again and spent the rest of his life
 dining with the king.

Love Well/Play and Worship

When we stop playing we lose out glimpse of eternity, and when that happens, we cease to worship. What could it look like to live a life of play as an act of worship to a God we can enjoy?

Love Well/Love and Envy

With David as the central character we explore the contrast of love and envy expressed by Prince Jonathan and King Saul.  When it comes to love we are confronted with this question, “Is love a sentiment to be indulged or is love a creative commitment to be experienced?”

Love Well/Missed Opportunities

Sin keeps us from fulfilling our destiny. Selfish ambition keeps us distracted and hardens into pride. We become a monument to bitterness.  All this can be crushed or avoided when we choose to lean forward with trusting hearts into the story that God is writing us into.

Love Well/The Sovereign King

Examining the life of David we see him emerge from failure with his children and enter back into a trusting relationship with his Sovereign.

Love Well/Tell Me Your Story

Experiencing the story of David, we discover that in all his triumphs and in all his brokenness, his, like ours, is a story worth telling. The only way we will know one another is to know one another’s stories.

Love Well/Pain Unlocks Potential

Your pain, and yes, your injustice will lead you to someone who may become your supporter, your healer, or simply a friend.  It might be someone who, like you, was once a prisoner. It might be a business woman, or a law enforcement official… perhaps even a little girl, once tormented by voices, now part… Read more »