Series: Out Of The Shadows

The Stories We Live By

We are all storytellers, but most of the time, it’s without words.  Every day we tell a story by how we live, by how we treat people, and by the nature of our conversations.  What does it mean to tell a better story, a story that is a part of the larger story of redemption that was… Read more »


Do you find your identity in what you do or in whose you are?

Out Of The Shadows/Jethro

Jethro shows up in Moses’ life to remind him that he cannot do everything on his own.  His advice also serves as a great reminder for us today; that life wasn’t meant to be lived alone and in isolation, but in community and with others at our side.

Out Of The Shadows/A Man Possessed

A crazed lunatic living in the hills was something the town had grown accustomed to. A healer and redeemer who was more interested in the rescue of a man than the success of a local business was frustrating and unpredictable. The crowd missed out on salvation. The monster was turned back into a human and… Read more »

Love Well

Pastor Jamie shares his struggle with writing and marketing his book and discusses the path of Moses as he was taken into the shadows for God to prepare him for what was ahead.

Mother’s Day

A mother, often hidden in the shadow of her own son, was a wonderful woman named Jochebed. She displayed a courage, love, and faith in God that is exemplary and inspiring.