Series: The Good Shepherd


We are all broken. It’s through our unique brokenness that God distinctly shines through us. Our stories matter to God because He can redeem every one of them.

The Response

There will always be those who have pre-judged you. You are called to love them not capitulate to them. The schemes of the evil one pull you toward conformity and away from your unique you. Live out your God-sized calling regardless of those who don’t understand you.

The Gate

In contrast to the judgmental moralists who find power in the precision of knowing what is good and what is evil, only this good shepherd will protect his sheep and lead them to sustenance. He makes available an abundant pasture; green with life giving eternal nourishment and love.

The Hired Hand

What is our most valued responsibility? Do we cling to it? Do we cajole and massage it so that it remains close – feeding our addiction? Like a hired hand, is our greatest motive what we get from our responsibility, or like the good shepherd are we willing to give up that which is valued… Read more »

The Thief

We have an enemy who masquerades as a friend.  He will use our own desires to draw us away from what is best.  The Good Shepherd protects us from the thief who is trying to steal us away.  Can you hear the voice of the shepherd over the voice of the thief?

The Sheep

We are defenseless and easily distracted sheep.  Prone to wander. We are a restless people. Ever attempting to fill our souls with false hope and greener pastures. We are in need of constant protection and provision.  We need a shepherd. We need the nurturing and sustaining care of God.

The Shepherd

We long for good shepherds. When the shepherds of our culture fail us we are often left floundering. If unchecked we can be overwhelmed with a sense of helplessness and hopelessness. We will never find hope and we will never experience the goodness of the shepherd until we learn to recognize His voice.