Series: The Sound Of Glory


Pastors Jamie George and Kevin Dixon – When you consider the voice of God, what is it like? Is it limited to your range of physical hearing? It seems we are tempted to shrink the voice of God to a size we can understand. Pastor Jamie and Pastor Kevin open up a dialogue on acknowledging the… Read more »

Hearing God in the Seasons of Life

Pastor Kevin Dixon – We live our lives in the present: Seasons of our lives are made up of moments, hours, days, weeks, months and years.

In Beauty

Pastor Jamie George – Why does beauty hold us captive? Beauty is wild. Intimidating. Glorious. It reminds us of the great beyond. In Genesis we experience a profound truth. Creation itself sings His glory. We hear the voice of God in His creation.

In Wisdom

Pastor Kevin Dixon – Wisdom is more than knowledge – actually more than understanding – Wisdom is putting into action what we know and understand in such a way that our choices are beneficial and make sense. Wisdom is the application of knowledge.

The Teachers

Pastor Jamie George – There are teachers everywhere. We must simply have eyes to see and ears to hear. Tune your perception to recognize the rhythms of the Kingdom.

In Community

Suzie Lind –

In The Law

Pastor Kevin Dixon – The law is a tricky thing. For some of us it is a necessary evil. For others it is a source of great comfort. For others it is something to be bent. For others it is just an unnecessary restraint.


Pastor Jamie George – Proverbs are principles not formulas. Guidelines not guarantees. Wisdom is the skill of living. We learn to live when we learn to listen.

The Unexpected

Pastor Jamie George – In this Old Testament story it takes the voice of a jackass to get the attention of a wizard. God sometimes speaks to us in the most unlikeliest of ways.

In Stories

Pastor Jamie George – King David’s heart had grown calloused and cold. It was through a story, that David’s heart finally softened. It was through the voice of a storyteller that David finally heard the voice of God.