Series: The Storyteller

The Storyteller | Q&A Podcast

Pastors Jamie George, Suzie Lind and Kevin Dixon – A conclusion to The Storyteller series with a Q & A podcast.


Pastors Jamie George and Kevin Dixon – A conclusion to The Storyteller series with Q & A. We are not committed to something unless we are willing to sacrifice for it. The call to an ideal involves a sequence of death and rebirth.

The Extravagant Feast

Pastor Jamie George – Perhaps what is most disturbing about this tale is that those who reject the invitation do so because the blessings of God had become more important than being in relationship with God. God’s provisions had gotten in the way of God.

The Persistent Widow

Pastor Jamie George – If an unjust judge will pay attention to the one in despair how much more will your Father in heaven? Persistence in prayer has nothing to do with currying favor with God, but it has a great deal to do with narrowing our focus and getting clear about our desires.


Pastor Jamie George – The stories Jesus told were almost always ironic. Jesus was using the Pharisees belief in purgatory as a playground for his storytelling. He was grounding people in their reality awakening them not to some esoteric reality, but to God in the flesh. God in the moment.

The Prodigal

Pastor Jamie George – The prodigal believed he could be his own sustenance. If he fed the ego all that it desired it would care for him and he would have complete autonomy and control. Every time we deny the spiritual reality that we belong to God, we begin our walk to the distant land. Our… Read more »

The Sinner & The Saint

Pastor Jamie George – The Pharisee in us is always going to identify something we do well and then create a little ledge that we can perch from. Can we acknowledge that at any given moment we might reflect saint or sinner. Let us each choose to bless those that annoy us and let the shadow… Read more »

The Clever Chief Operations Officer

Pastor Jamie George – If an ordinary, though noble landlord can be won over by the cleverness and deception of his desperate Chief Operations Officer – How much more will the God of creation offer his mercy and grace to us in both our subtle missteps and our chaotic floundering.