Series: This is Not the End

Celebrating The Meal

Throughout the bible we are given powerful stories of God’s people gathering around food.  The body’s need for sustenance reminds us that we are not self-sufficient.  We need something beyond ourselves.  When we gather with others and eat together we are reminded that we need not only food but one another.

Celebrate Coming Home

Jesus tells a story about a father and two sons.  One older son is a legalist.  The younger one crashes and burns while trying to find life.  The young son, realizes the error of his ways, repents, and returns home.  When his father sees him, a long way off, he celebrates with spontaneity and freedom. … Read more »

Easter Sunday, Bloom

What if Truth surrounded you?  What if the seeds of perfect love had deposited it in you?  What would it take for you to come alive?  What would it be like to bloom?

Privilege and the Kingdom of God

Just prior to the Triumphal Entry Jesus had a illuminating conversation with a young man of great influence. This conversation has much to say about life, privilege and the Kingdom of God.

Jesus, On The Cross

Darkness causes us to lose our orientation.  Jesus entered the darkness so that we didn’t have to.  He is the light of the world offering rescue and direction from the darkness.  In Jesus we find our hope.

The Centurion, At the Cross

Jesus prays and asks that the Father would forgive those that persecuted Him.  The Father answers with immediacy.  The first convert happens within moments of Christ’s death as a powerful Roman officer has his heart turned toward truth.

John, At The Cross

Contrasting the lives of Judas and Peter we discover a disciple that came back to Jesus and found himself quickly restored and commissioned at the foot of the cross.

Mary, At The Cross

Mary walks in the favor and tension bestowed on her by her God.  In that tension she experiences grace and redemption offered through the death of her son.