Series: Threads

400 Years, Waiting

Most of us hate waiting. Imagine waiting 400 years. God uses silence to speak to us. We must learn to listen.

Ecclesiastes, A Blog

We meet the author, wandering from God, trying to make sense out of life. He offers a stream of consciousness meandering filled with metaphors and overlapping meanings. The book is written like many blogs. It has, at times, a beautiful fluidity. At other times, sharp turns. But always movement. Listen and consider

Proverbs, Book of Clues

The Book of Proverbs is like an ancient collection of clues. These clues describe the skill of living. This skill is called wisdom. The starting place for all wisdom is a teachable spirit. Listen and learn.


Under some of the most difficult circumstances, the Israelites were a people who celebrated often. Are we frequently celebrating together? Even more, are experiencing the growth of community that comes from those times of celebration?

Nehemiah,Man of Vision

Nehemiah offers us a wonderful example of how to receive and steward a call from God. Through his life we can observe a healthy process for developing a vision.

Haggai, Consider Your Ways

Pastor Jamie George – The children of Israel have returned to Jerusalem to rebuild the temple. However, they get distracted with their own personal comfort and gain. They are full of excuses. Haggai is sent by God to reveal their disobedience and remind them of the significance of placing God at the center of their… Read more »

Being Daniel

Daniel was confident in who he was.  Whether accolades or an execution den, he simply went on being Daniel, believing God would go on being God.

Humility of Hezekiah

Hezekiah displays tremendous leadership in a time of crisis. In a scintillating display of stewardship, faith, and humility he models for us how to listen to God and face the overwhelming odds that are before us.

Isaiah’s Vision

In contrast to King Uzziah, Isaiah confesses his impurity before God, is purified, and sent out. When we wake up. When we finally see God for who He is… The King of Kings and the Lord of Lords. The Holy One. We cannot help but get involved.