Series: With Jesus

An Upstairs in Jerusalem

Pastor Jamie George – We are a holy temple. The fire of God is within. May we give warmth to a cold world. Give light to a dark corner of someone’s life. May we be patient and kind to the skeptic. And may we give love to the hurting, angry, and lonely hoping to belong.

Awakening in Emmaus

Pastor Jamie George – Jesus’ followers were disappointed because they were hoping their savior would over throw their oppressors. Instead, Jesus came to transform the very nature of their reality. Our relationship with God and our awareness of his activity in our lives has always been, is, and will always be, contingent upon our ability to… Read more »

Condemned in Jerusalem

Pastor Jamie George – When it comes to the accusations and judgment of others,  Jesus has different reflexes. Jesus pauses. Changes the pace. And the one justified to execute justice, extends mercy.

The Sheep in Jerusalem

Pastor Jamie George – Want to know where to find God? Spend time with an orphan. Let the compassion of another’s loss and uncertainty grip your heart.

Peter at The Gates of Hell

Pastor Jamie George – “Who do you say that I am?” Your imprint on the planet is in direct proportion to your living response to this sacred question.

Saint Patrick

Pastor Jamie George – Occasionally when we review history, rather than watching bloodshed transform a civilization, we get to find a culture changed by someone who was determined to listen to the voice of God, be willing to be misunderstood, and be courageous enough to give a people his heart and soul.

The Pagan Woman

Pastor Jamie George – Tragically, it is often those who are most fervent in their Christ-following that most rely on their own will. What God desires is our consent, not our willpower.


Pastor Kevin Dixon – Jesus made Capernaum his ministry hub.  He did countless miracles including healing the Paralytic that was lowered through the ceiling.  His constant presence and many miracles left the people of Capernaum entitled.  Mark 2:1-12