Donna Hawkins has been a Journey partner for several years. She is a constant of support, love and wisdom for many of us here. A retired nurse, she spends her time caring for her grandkids and building up the people of Journey. She helps guide and facilitate the Care and Mentoring Team with love and grace.

Each type of physical healing that occurs in the body is truly a miracle. For our bodies are a masterpiece of amazing design. From a paper cut to a traumatic wound the body responds the same, just with more power and more resources for the more damaged.

When a paper cut or abrasion happens, platelets and fibrinogen are sent to help clot and hold the cells together. Later, those resources are called a scab. Leukocytes are sent to defend the wound from invaders, germs and dirt. Too many on the scene, create the symptoms of infection, redness etc. Red cells rush to the wound to provide oxygen and nutrients to the other cells. It takes every kind of cell for the body to heal a wound.

Healing happens on a cellular level in divinely designed masterpieces.

If relationships are built one on one, and we are the relationships, then we become the cells in the healing process of anti-racism.

Another type of healing is called assisted healing. When a trauma wound is too big to naturally let the body address it, assistance is needed. It is usually a physician or a specialist who cleans and stitches up the jagged edges. Then the cellular healing is better supported and successful.

Our leaders, whose voices impact our lives on a daily basis, become those specialists. Their insights, experience, exposure and education bring assistance to the healing, as we allow their voices to be heard and embraced.

The last type of healing is truly miraculous. When all assistance has done the best possible, when the body is too overloaded with need and natural resources are depleted, only the Designer can mend the jagged edges of wounds beyond the scope of the Body.

Jehovah Rapha – the Lord our healer. He takes the pieces of our body and breathes life and healing. Sometimes He acts slowly, one beloved masterpiece at a time. And yet sometimes large groups are empowered by His Spirit to move miraculously through the collateral damage of physical and relational wounds.

Anti-racism will need all three types of healing to occur. From personal relationships (cell to cell), with leaders directed by the Spirit (assisted) all empowered to be enlightened and embraced unto healing across churches, communities, cities and countries (miraculous).

Lord, show me how I can heal so that I can initiate healing in others. Take my single life and breathe your Life and Illumination into the dark places that need assistance. Bring new voices that speak wisdom and direction so those dark places receive what they need to heal.

May Your Imago dei be seen brilliantly in each of us as we walk forward together in our healing.