A Sunday Morning Children Gathering

The Good Shepherd experience for the child develops a sense of wonder and joy in discovery as the mystery of the parable and parabolic teaching unfolds.

Baby Lamb room

Ages 0-2
This room is filled with caring hearts that love to love on your babies. We love singing, reading, rocking and playing with them.

Little Lamb room

Ages: 2s&3s
This room cultivates love for one another and a wonder of the Good Shepherd's love for his sheep. We also break bread and commune with one another.

Good Shepherd room

Ages: 4-1st grade
With globes and maps that work into each lesson the child is able to connect the stories to real places and times as they awaken to God's great pursuit of them.

First Time Guests

For a new family, children are introduced to the Good Shepherd teachers who have been through intensive training and who, along with the guides are a consistent and loving presence in the child’s life at Journey Church. As they are assigned to their rooms by ages, they then will be introduced and gently integrated into the class. They will be guided into practical life and simple lessons that will allow them to quickly be welcomed into the Good Shepherd environment.


Each week a new Bible lesson is cyclically planned around the celebrations in the liturgical year. There are art responses that children create based on their experiences; but parents must remember that often, a child
does not have the language to express deep or intimate experiences they have had with one another or with God. A parent should refrain from always asking a child, “What did you learn today?” and wait for little nuggets of revelation to be shared throughout the next weeks.