The Larger Prayer

Artist’s Statement “The Larger Prayer”, 2022 
(title inspired by the original poetry of Ednah Dow Cheney)

Teal & Tangerine Collection
Mixed Media, Paper, Acrylic & Coffee
Abstract Expressionism

Artist: Betsy Ekle


This piece was somewhat of a companion for the last 5 years; time spent layering pages of hymns and stacking colors pointing to the subterranean work in my heart. My anger became an invitation to voice other feelings that were more illusive at first glance. I’m grateful for the permission that I found from Jesus to name and bring him my hurt, voice my anger and still be deeply kept & held by God. I am not too much for Him; my anger, my loss, my scars and my love are all welcome at His table. 



This art was in conjunction with Suzie Lind’s sermon on Anger – you can listen to the sermon here.