Serve At Journey

How do your passions and interests connect with the Journey community? Whether you’re an extrovert, introvert, task-champion, or people-person there’s a spot just for you on our team.

Serving opportunities

Below you will find a list of specific areas – all of which help make Journey a safe environment where imaginations awaken to the Great Creator. If you are interested in serving, find a space that you may fit and fill out a Serve Application and we will touch base with the next steps.

Table host

Share your table, whether that’s for a literal gathering around a meal or a small group based on neighborhoods or common interests.

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Sunday Host Team

Join our Sunday host team as we greet and guide our Journey family during, before and after gatherings.  Whether you want to make coffee, provide information or just share a smile, we need your hospitality.

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Jr. & Sr. High Ministry

Support our efforts to build relationships among our students and cultivate opportunities for them to deepen their relationship with Jesus.

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Community Care

For those looking to serve our Journey Church community in need.

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Worship Team

Join us as we provide a musical expression of worship to our gathering, youth, and other ministries.

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Sunday Tech Team

Be part of the team that creates an inviting visual and audio atmosphere to help people engage in worship.

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Mentor Team

Use the experiences of your story to provide an opportunity for refinement through an intentional, one-on-one connection.

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Safety Team

Help create a safe environment for people to worship. Be the first responders and help in case of an emergency.

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Children ministries

Join our Children’s Ministry team to cultivate a fun, welcoming and safe environment where children feel known and seen. If you would like to support our children’s ministry outside of the classroom, we also need volunteers for check in.

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