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Journey is a collective of people who are surrendering their stories to the redemption of the gospel of Jesus Christ. As the leadership team, we love living amongst our people and sharing in the work that God is doing in our community.

Kevin Dixon

Lead Pastor

Suzie Lind

Formation Pastor

Mike Erre

Teaching Pastor

Tim Timmons

Village Pastor

Sam Barnhart

Care Pastor

Brett Mabury

Artists Pastor

Robert Gonzalez

Student Pastor

Lindsey Buchholz

Early Childhood Designer

Randy Hanson

Technical Designer

Katelyn Hill

Music Designer

Kristen Fields

Communications Designer

Emmoe Doniz

Pre-Teen Designer

Justin Glotzbach

Audio Designer

Betsy Ekle

Journey Kids Admin

Brooke Dauwe

Event Designer

Kailey Sullivan

Graphic Designer

Kaydee Carter

Finance Coordinator

Jacqui Dakin

Church Administrator

Jerry Fowler

Facilities Coordinator

Our Elders